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Summer Track Days is designed to get anyone on track safely and affordably!

Our Track Day Setup


Drivers will be split up into 4 groups based on driving experience and car brought. This is to keep the day safe for all drivers. Driving groups will be released before the event. Please be sure of what group you are in. The earlier everyone arrives, the more time you will drive. The paddock is available to get your car ready. Your car should be ready to go (with the exception of swapping wheels and tires) when you arrive. No major modifications shall be done on property. Lunch will not be provided but there are food options available on property. Otherwise, please bring your own lunch or be prepared to go off property to grab something quick. If you are late for your run group we will start without you. Once the last group is done there will be an opportunity for an awesome group picture!


Waterford Hills

Driving is from 10 am to 5 pm. Our day begins at 9 a.m. Driving doesn't start until 10 am but we urge all drivers to be there by 9:30 at the latest. Before driving begins there will be a drivers meeting. This meeting is MANDATORY for all drivers. Afterwards, driving begins. The groups will run one at a time after each other starting with group A, followed by group B, and so on. Each group will drive for around 15 minutes per session. This schedule will be followed until lunch time. During lunch there will be an hour break for both drivers and employees. There will be no cars on track during this time. After lunch, the same 15 minute rotation is followed until 5 pm. After 5 pm we will get all cars on track for an awesome group picture!


1. Helmets are the required safety gear for this event. They must be at least DOT certified with SNELL certification preferred. Please see SCCA 2019 Solo guidelines for acceptable helmets. HELMETS WILL NOT BE RENTED ON SITE.

2. Vehicles will complete a tech inspection before any on-track driving is done. Inspectors will be referring to the WHRR Tech sheet attached below

3. Any and all loose objects are to be taken out of the vehicle before tech inspection. This includes; floor mats, items in glove box, items in center console, trunk, etc

4. As safety is our highest priority, your vehicle eligibility is up to the discretion of the tech inspectors. If they say you need to fix something, you will not get on track until you fix it. If they say your vehicle is not safe, it will not be put on track. It doesn't matter if you daily it, bro, your vehicle will be put under stresses it does not normally encounter on the street. Yes, even if you "Hoon" bro

5. Read through this Waterford Hills forum post regarding track day etiquette and preparedness: http://www.waterfordhills.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=4811

6. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us


Cost is per driver. Please submit an inquiry for pricing. Spectators and passengers are free


Please drive respectful and courteous of your fellow drivers. Any unsafe acts will get you pulled off track and possibly removed from the even completely. Event organizers reserve the right to remove any attendee (driver, passenger, spectator, etc) for any reason. There will be no sliding or drifting of any kind. If we see that your are spinning tires on purpose, you will be removed from the event. Passing is only allowed on the front and back straights. (see picture to the right) We will be using a point to pass system. A driver must move to the right and point EACH driver by. If there are 3 cars behind a driver holding them up, the driver must point to let each driver by SEPARATELY. A SINGLE car will be allowed to pass per point. A driver pointing does not mean all 3 drivers behind can pass. A driver behind MUST wait until they are pointed by. If you pass without a point you will be pulled off track. (If the driver in front of you is not letting you by they will be flagged and forced to let you by. otherwise they themselves will be pulled off track) Passengers will be allowed after lunch If your driving changes and we decide you cannot handle a passenger, you will lose this right ALL DAY. Please drive carefully and know your limits.

Further Questions

Please contact us with any further questions or see our Facebook group: Facebook.com/Groups/SummerTrackDays for further information and a helpful community

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